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One’s career decisions are the groundwork of directing the trajectory of one’s lifetime in terms of professional and personal growth. At this cross point, mentoring and counselling from an experienced professional plays an important role.

We, at EduQuest, go out of the way to first understand the student and his thought processes in terms of their career and personal goals. Based on this understanding, we provide accurate advising in terms of choosing a culturally suitable country, a recognised and accredited course that would eventually result in employability in the home country as well as globally.

While doing so, we provide an honest review of a concerned university through reliable sources online thereby assuring that the career and academic interests and the university/course selection always go hand-in-hand.

Once a student funnels down on his desired course, we go out of our way to explain the course structure and requisites alongside taking care of documentation and financial planning.

We, at Eduquest, are proud  to share that ---- number of distinction holder students at graduate level have been decorated with International Academic Excellence Awards from a range of universities in terms of scholarships ranging between 10-50%.

On the other hand, you can rest assured with us in terms of providing genuine advice regarding planning of expenses and part time opportunities. EduQuest holds a brief record of near zero visa rejections, all grace to our mock visa interviews and briefing sessions.

We believe that your future rests safe with us.

Student Profile Analysis & University selection.

There are numerous courses that each university offers. It is extremely important for a student to make the right choice of country and course based on his past academic performance, educational qualification, real interest and talent which eventually determine the student’s future. The process of program and university selection is based on  course fees, academic standard, accreditation of the university ,accreditation of the program, reputation of the university among employers, quality of facilities and infrastructure, scholarship opportunities.

EduQuest supports and guides students in this important decision and endeavours to match career aspirations and academic interest with the best-suited university.

Admission Counselling

Based on the students’ Academic background and future career plans a comprehensive admission counselling is given to the students. Once a University is finalised students are advised to go through a detailed understanding of the structure of the program chosen.

Assistance and guidance on filling the appropriate International admission application form is given. Students are advised to submit admission documents as per requirement of the university. Student’s application remains a priority and a constant follow up of the status of the application, any further requirements are communicated to students immediately –making the offer outcome smooth.

Visa Guidance

A valid Visa Grant is mandatory for the proposed study abroad.
Every country has its own visa regulations and these must be adhered to with strict discipline.

Once the student has secured an offer letter from the institution, we help them in preparing the different documentation, as per visa document checklist, required to obtain the student visa -- Visa Application Preparation and Registrations, Presentation Techniques,

Dos & Don’ts, Visa Mock Interviews, Information on latest rules and regulations, finances shown must be adequate to support tuition and living fees.

Advise on Part time Jobs while studying

We support the students by counselling about part time employment options available when they go abroad for higher education. Along with this we educate them about post study work right and visa regulations.

Accommodation facilities

While choosing to study abroad, students need to be very careful regarding living expenses and ease of getting accommodation facilities in the foreign country. In addition to providing students with assistance on choosing the right course and university, we assist them in finding the most affordable accommodation facilities.