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Study Abroad-International Education

Life in the 21st century doesn't just mean navigating the digital age. It also means adapting to the most hyper-connected, interdependent world. A nation's prosperity depends on its people's ability to thrive in the global marketplace. This makes it more important than ever to provide all students with a well-rounded, world-class education – that include opportunities to gain global competencies, to understand other cultures and to study abroad.

About us

With a commitment to values and a vision to do good for others, one can surely reach new heights. EduQuest Global is a registered Melbourne based study abroad consultancy that vows to make international education accessible, ethically.


In a world where globalisation is the buzzword, education stands amongst the highly globalised sectors. The thirst and yearning to gain international exposure through education, not only to gain professional momentum but also to accelerate one’s thinking wheels motivates the youth to move continents for higher qualifications.

Eduquest Global, strongly desire to make such opportunities available to all aspirants through a wide range of choices of countries and institutes leading to Academic & professional progression and resultant emotional contentment.


Moving countries for higher education can change the trajectory of one’s life. At Eduquest Global, we endeavour to assure that the groundwork to this decision is in safe hands through genuine and personal consulting as well as our student’s network spread across continents, thereby striving to provide the best on the platter that suits your goals.

With a rich experience, we believe that Eduquest Global is the one stop solution for all your enquiries as we stand by what Winston Churchill once declared - “If you have knowledge, let others light candles with it.”

Promoting and supporting collaborative platforms between Indian and international educational institutes:

In globalised world like today where international outsourcing is a modern day in order to ensure new forms of economic, social and knowledge coordination, we realise that educational institutes do not fall too far from this ambit. Hence, greater agility in terms of distribution and service of varied interests is the need of the hour for a modern day university.

India & Australia

Both the countries are rich in intellectual synergies which can be harnessed for the betterment of both the student communities through a harmonious collaboration between the Indian and Australian universities in terms of research supervision, study abroad programs allowing credit transfers to assure overall development of the student communities intellectually, skilfully and culturally.

We, at EduQuest, endeavour to make this collaborations between Indian and International Universities a reality by persevering in the following fields:

  • Launch study tours and study abroad opportunities for short duration.
  • Student and staff exchange programs.
  • Provide flexibility of completing a semester abroad with credit transfers.
  • Provide internship/project work opportunities
  • Provide support for joint degrees/research projects at UG and PG levels.
  • Conduct guest lectures and seminars.
  • Having worked with VIEC Pune. India for eight years, I have broadly worked in providing guidance for international degree programs based on a thorough understanding of the student’s personal and career aspirations while not compromising on the vital factors like international course accreditation, assisting deserving students through International Academic Excellence Scholarships and so on.


  • Successfully placed Indian students with a 100% admission & Visa success rate.
  • Established successful collaborations between reputed Indian and Australian institutes – Cummins College of Engineering (Pune), MITSOM College (Pune), BN College of Architecture (Pune), La Trobe University (Melbourne), Deakin University (Melbourne) and University of Canberra (Canberra) and more.
  • Successful initiation of study tour programs to La Trobe University (Melbourne) from MITSOM College (Pune)
  • Enrolling students for Internship Programs in London (EPA / University of Westminster)

About myself

Uma Abhyankar

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) – University of Pune
Pre-primary Teachers’ Diploma – Maharashtra State Government

Sole  Proprietor:
EduQuest Global-(ABN No- 84259075770) Sept 2016
Registered Education Consultancy

Highlights of services

  • Guidance on apt International Degree Programs to students based on career aspirations
  • Facilitate the tedious process of admission and scrutinizing visa procedures for students and presenting their files
  • Adhering and keeping abreast of the rules and regulations of Visa Grant Norms
  • Incorporating the importance of a meticulously created file and the value of organization and first impressions in students
  • Encouraging and initiating the concept of study tours in students to gain a well-rounded international experience and an insight to studying abroad
  • Ensuring students are sincere and passionate regarding the international degrees they intend to pursue
  • Ensuring accreditation and recognition of the programs as well as the institutes abroad as per the education body regulations and certifications
  • Motivating students to develop a holistic and positive approach towards their case loads
  • Keeping track of student progress through email and phone calls at regular intervals
  • Making students aware of financial liabilities of international programs and encouraging advantageous and permissible part-time jobs
  • Blending productive marketing strategy with a detailed insight into the excellent facilities offered by International universities thus opening students to international opportunities.
  • Keeping students informed about Scholarship opportunities and eligibility criteria.